Why to believe in others

Why to believe in others

Here is a jewel that I stumbled on this morning.  Believe in others.

If we take man as he is, we make him worse.  But if we take man as he should be, we make him capable of what he can be.



In Defense of Resolutions

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve, and we all know what’s coming; New Year’s Resolutions.  But lately, it seems that there are more posts on social media about hating New Year’s Resolutions than having them.  And while I get that nobody wants to do the same thing year only to fail, I’d like to just ask the question: Is it really so bad?


Why don’t people like making New Year’s Resolutions anymore?

1- You feel like it’s the same thing every year

2- You feel like you won’t do it.

3- You think that we should try to be a better person year round; so New Year’s shouldn’t be any different.

Well, those are all very valid reasons.  But I’d like to respond to each.

1- If it is the same as last year’s…SO WHAT!!!  That means that you either didn’t stick with it or you could have done better.   So DO BETTER.

2- If you feel like you won’t do it, then you need to be more convincing to yourself.

Since when is it ok to quit aspiring to be something because of our past failures?

Lots of people aspire to be things; and often, it may seem unrealistic.  But does that mean that it’s ok to discourage them?  Plenty of children aspire to be athletes when they are young yet only a small handful of them every make it to the pros. That doesn’t mean that it’s ok for us to say “well, son, that’s not really in the cards for you.  Let’s focus on accounting.”


3- If you think that few should just try to be a better person year round then I agree with you whole-heartedly.  But what’s the harm in using the momentum of a New Year?

Here is the bottom line:  Changing yourself for the good is difficult.  It takes sacrifice, diligence, and fortitude.  None of those come easy.  So what’s the harm in using any and every reason for motivation you can?

Life is going to be hard enough on you this year.  Don’t make it more difficult by shooting down your aspirations before you make them.  And for the love of men, DO NOT discourage others from setting new goals to be better.

The truth is, I pity the man who enters a year with no hope to change for the good.

Ask a Trainer

Tallya Question


Hello all!  Do you ever just need to ask a trainer something?  You probably do.  I’ve been doing this for over four years now and I STILL need to ask my colleagues questions.  There is a whole lot of knowledge out there about fitness and it’s difficult to stay ahead.  I would love to open this entry for questions.  If you have a question for me about training, nutrition, weight loss, etc…, then I would love for you to comment at the bottom of this blog entry.  I will be writing future entries based off of these questions.

You may have questions like:

Are carbs really bad?

Should I do the Paleo diet?

Can I eat carbs at night?

How many sets of each exercise should I do?

How long should I do cardio?

These are all good examples of questions that you can ask and I will do my best to answer them simply and clearly for you all.  Comment on this blog and tell your friends to do the same.

Also, If you live in the Lafayette, LA, area, I will be holding “Ask a Trainer” classes on the first Saturday of every month, 10am, at our Anytime Fitness location at 1915 Moss Street.  Our first Ask a Trainer class will be held on September 7th at 10am.  See you there!

A Good Letter

If anyone has pondered the benefits of personal training or why weight loss is important (more than just vanity), read this.  The following is a letter from a friend and client of our training program.  I have not edited a single word in this letter, because I think it says it all: 

Probably a little background is in order.

I am 63 years old and have been working with the Anytime Fitness trainers for about two and half years.

I started coming to Anytime after a heart attack and a stent and realized that I didn’t have the willpower to maintain a regular routine without the help of a trainer. Started with one session per week, realized I needed more, went up to twice a week and have just started 3 sessions/week. My wife recently retired so we are on a tighter budget, but we are both agreed that I have to continue with a trainer because it’s the best money we spend. And here’s why.

In my 30’s and early 40’s, I weighed 200-210 lbs and ran 3 or more times a week. Sometime in my middle 40’s I started to lose ground. My weight started creeping up, my knees were complaining so I ran less often and by my early 50’s I was 260 lbs. Walking was okay, but getting up and down was becoming more difficult, kneeling in the garden was painful, especially getting back up, and I had rather severe sleep apnea. I attributed most of this just to getting older.

It was difficult to start with a trainer, I believed that I should be able to do it on my own, and in comparison to my weight training in college, I seemed to be pathetically weak, to the point where it was embarrassing.  The mental discipline was far and away the hardest and I couldn’t manage without the constant nudge from my trainer. I still resisted the life style changes required to lose weight, so while I felt better and moved more easily, my weight stayed around 260.

Earlier this year I had a scare which resulted in a trip to the ER and finally decided it was time to get serious about losing some of the excess weight. Again, my trainer had lots of helpful suggestions and steady encouragement. I lost about 30 lbs in 3 months or so and have kept it off for an additional 3 months even over vacation. I am now getting ready to tackle the next 30. What I notice more than anything is how much better I feel. Other people say I look thinner, although I really don’t see it. What I do notice are the little things that crept up on my over the years. My wife says I no longer snore and my CPAP machine has been stuck in the closet. I fall asleep more easily and don’t wake up so tired in the morning.

I don’t have to hold my breath when I bend over to tie my shoes. Getting up and down from the floor when I play with my granddaughter is easier now.

I can maneuver my motorcycle around the driveway without feeling like I am going to drop it at any second and being out of breath after moving it. My knees haven’t bothered me for months now. My balance has improved dramatically. Exercises that used to have me teetering and my trainer reaching out to steady me are now a breeze. I am much more confident riding the motorcycle and lately I have noticed that I often take the stairs at work two at a time, something I haven’t done for decades. I personally don’t care so much about how I look, but man, I really enjoy the improved quality of life.


Be You Interview

Be You Interview

Hey guys! Just wanted to share an interview I did for my new friend Aileen Bennett, the writer of Creating Clever.  Check her out at www.creatingclever.com.  And check my blog for more posts to come!  Sorry I’ve been a hermit!

My wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter Anne Claire Marie Andrus last month.  I love the little bug but she’s a handful.  I’ll be writing more soon.

Here is the link to the interview:


Startling Memories

Startling Memories

I am always amazed at the new perspective that I can gain from my clients.  A few mornings ago, one really resonated with me.  Quite frankly, it was heartbreaking.

It began when we were discussing before and after pictures.  I was BEGGING her to get some “before” pictures because we have come such a long way since we began six months ago. Then, she weighed 192lbs with 39% body fat.  (This adds up to 117lbs of lean mass and 75lbs of fat.)  Now, she weighs 162lbs with 27% body fat, adding up to 117lbs of lean mass and 45lbs of fat!  In case you are wondering, these are incredible results.  Most people who lose 30lbs don’t lose it while maintaining muscle.  To lose this much fat and still maintain muscle weight is a tremendous success.

She told me that she has not taken any pictures of herself since she gained weight.  She also said that she destroyed all of the pictures that other people had taken of her. I was not convinced, but after I fought her to give me that “before” picture (a battle in which I offered 3 of my most embarrassing photos in exchange, which would include the outrageous hair-colorings of a teenager that was certain he’d be a rock star by 19), I finally gave up and walked across the gym.  She looked pensive, as if she was coming to a startling realization.  When I walked back to her, she stopped me.

“I haven’t just deleted and destroyed the pictures of myself when I weighed the most,” she said.  She told me that when she weighed the most, she was so embarrassed at how far she had come from her “old self” that she had gone back and deleted ALL of the pictures of herself when she was skinnier.  She was so humiliated by how far she had come that she didn’t want people to see her skinnier and think that she had let herself go. Wow.

It is heartbreaking to think of how our view of ourselves and our fear of how others view us can drive us to forget who we are.  She deliberately erased memories just to prevent judgment.  THIS is what happens when vanity and image is at the root of our reasons for fitness.  People go through anything, even erasing themselves, just so that they can see what they want in the mirror or feel like others don’t judge them.  In nearly every blog post, I mention that fitness is not about vanity, but lifestyle.  This story only adds to that.

panaramic gym

The truth is, she still isn’t comfortable with herself.  And when she finally gets to her goal, if she continues to think this way, she will still see herself at her worst.  It’s what most people do.  Fortunately, we are changing her way of thinking so that she can be satisfied NOW.  This is the goal, to shift our focus to the things that make us better and to learn when to be proud of ourselves for the hard work that we’ve done.

SHAME will destroy you.  Do not let it.  Focus on fitness, on performance, and our loved ones that matter most.  We are fit because it makes us better people, not just better-looking.

Katie and Luke’s Maternity Session

Maternity pics from our dear friend! Follow her blog for more great pics to come!

My dear friends Luke and Katie are getting ready to welcome little Anne-Claire into their hearts and home. With just five short weeks left to go before baby, the parents-to-be took a trip out to our house in the country for some good ol’ fashioned BBQ and a quick photo session to help them remember this precious time in their lives. So much joy in these two. They were glowing with it. 

Here are a few of my favorites, and I’ll have you know that it was very hard to choose favorites. 




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